A great way to connect with someone you love. Pick an animal that represents your connection with someone special. A coin of your choice is carved into 2 pieces.  One piece will have the silhouette of the animal and the other piece will be the animal itself. One piece will have a pendant bezel and the other has a jump ring added to the top so you can use them on a keychain, charm bracelet or necklace.No two carvings are exactly the same so your piece will not interlock with any other coin. A great way to show your love for someone.  Start with a coin from the year that is special to you and your loved one.   Use the charms as a reminder that you always connect together.   Each person can have a piece, or wear both pieces together on one necklace or bracelet. Or separate into 2 necklaces, bracelets, or key chains. Set coins can even be made into one of a kind earrings!   (chains, bracelets, keychains and earring posts sold separately) Please add to the notes if you need a specific font such as a team or school logo font.Price includes NON silver coin. Choose the denomination and the year.Price includes 1965-present except Half dollars which are are 1971 - present.All dollar coins are random years only.State & Park coins are quarters only.Contact me for rare, foreign or silver coin prices. Please note: some coins may not be available right away. Quarters are usually in stock in every year, but other denominations may not be in stock.  If the coin you order is not in stock, I will contact you immediately with the estimated time frame to get the coin. usually 1 week or less.

Animal Inlay Set

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