Your state inside a thin heart!   A perfect way to show off your home state pride!  Coins are hand carved and finished with a pendant bezel (chain sold separately) or a coin collector's case. 

Choose the coin, and the side to be carved. If you choose the side with the year, feel free to pick your year (as long as it is NOT a real silver or rare coin). Please note that Michigan quarters were only made in 2004, so if you choose a Michigan quarter, you cannot choose a year.
Keep in mind, this does not always look best when you use the State quarters, I recomend using the back of the old US quarters with the eagle showing!

Price includes NON silver coin. Choose the denomination and the year. Price includes 1965-present except Half dollars which are are 1971 - present. State & Park coins are quarters only. Contact me for rare, foreign or silver coin prices.
Please note: some coins may not be available right away. Quarters are usually in stock in every year, but other denominations may not be in stock. If the coin you order is not in stock, I will contact you immediately with the estimated time frame to get the coin. usually 1 week or less.

Michigan in my Heart #2

Side of coin
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