Silhouette of an Parent and baby animal of your choice cut out of a coin of your choice.  Design is hand carved then set on a silver (in color only) pendant bezel (chain sold separately)  or in a plastic coin case.
Two cute animal silhouettes can represent the love of a parent and child.  
Choose a special critters to be carved into a coin that represents your special connection!  
Feel free to email me with a specific silhouette if you have one in mind, or just choose the animal and I will design something special for you!  Feel free to contact me to custom design a larger family of animal shilouettes!
Price includes NON silver coin. Choose the denomination and the year. Price includes 1965-present except Half dollars which are are 1971 - present. Susan B. Anthony are random years only. State & Park coins are quarters only. Contact me for rare, foreign or silver coin prices.
Please note: some coins may not be available right away. Quarters are usually in stock in every year, but other denominations may not be in stock.  If the coin you order is not in stock, I will contact you immediately with the estimated time frame to get the coin. usually 1 week or less.

Parent & Baby Animal Silhouette - Choose your animal!

SKU: 615
  • All coins are carved by hand so no two will be exactly the same. Please allow up to 2 weeks for custom orders. Please verify your shipping address and notify me if you need the order shipped to a different address than listed on your order. Thanks!

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