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Carved Coins

A Civil War Art

Mixed with Modern Designs

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Hand Carved Coins

Hand Carved Coins are all One-Of-A-Kind.

Each one is cut by hand and no two will be exactly the same. 


Carved Coins LLC combines the traditional art of hand carving coins with modern designs that are tailored to each customer.  Have your favorite image or logo hand carved into a coin that represents a special year or place. 

Give new meaning to a small piece of history.

Have your carved coin finished as a pendant or in a collector’s case!

Add a Necklace or Key chain to show off your coin

or contact me for special options like Money Clips or Purse hooks!

Coins can be designed from a loved ones handwriting, a picture of your beloved pet

or your favorite band logo, school mascot or movie character!

Don't see what your looking for?

Contact me to design your own hand carved coin!

Please email me with special requests or questions.

(contact me for pricing if not listed)

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