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          During the Civil War, soldiers created a trench art called “Love Tokens” using only a hand saw & pocket change. I carry on this tradition by carving coins completely by hand then finishing them as jewelry & accessories for all genders and ages. Carving anything from portraits of lost pets to replicating a loved one’s handwriting.  My goal is to bring old traditions, and old coins, back to life by creating artwork that connects people to the past.

*NOT illegal defacement – US Code 18.331

Carved Coins LLC combines the traditional art of hand carving coins with modern designs that are tailored to each customer. 

Have your favorite image or logo hand carved into a coin the represents a special year or place, giving new meaning to a small piece of history.

Then show it off with a necklace pendant, bracelet charm, key chain, or collector’s case!

Contact me to design your own hand carved coin!

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