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How choose handwriting for a coin

Having your loved one’s handwriting carved into a coin can be a unique and special way to honor someone you love or a love that was lost.   Each carving is done COMPLETELY by hand instead of simply copied and machine made.  I will carve the handwriting to look as close to your sample as possible without disturbing the integrity of the coin itself, creating a piece of long lasting and personalized treasure.

You can choose a year of coin that represents that person or memory so that the carving is made out of material that was made the same year as the memory.  There is no charge for picking a specific year as long as the coin is in regular circulation. (There will be an additional fee for rare, silver, gold or foreign coins.)

Choose a word or words that hold a memory, but please keep in mind the size of a coin.  I have found that the simpler the words, the better it will look as a carving.   I can typically fit 4-5 letters on any size coin depending on the sample and style of writing. 6-7 letters will fit on a quarter or larger and 8 or more letters may need to be carved into larger coins such as half dollars. (Please send a sample of the handwriting for more details)

Please take your time picking the perfect word(s)! There is a $10 non-refundable fee to turn the handwriting into a carve-able design.  I will always send the design to you for final approval before carving.  I am happy to make adjustments, but if you choose NOT to have the design carved at all, your payment will be refunded minus the $10 fee for the time it takes to make the template.   Once the design is approved and I begin carving, the remainder of the cost becomes non-refundable.  I would NEVER sell your loved one’s handwriting to someone else so I cannot take refunds or returns on such a custom piece of work.   I have absolute faith that you will be happy with your loved one’s handwriting made into a hand carved piece of art that will hold their memory forever!



Cost for carving Handwriting is as follows:

$10 to turn your sample into a template.

          $25 for the first 2 letters

          $3 per additional letter for cursive/script

          $5 per additional letter for print / type


*All carvings include the bezel ring OR a hard plastic coin case

*Additional items such as necklaces can be added

*Some coins can also be made into money clips, wine stoppers, or other accessories for an additional fee.


Here are some tips for having a loved one’s handwriting carved into a coin. 

  1. The sample of handwriting needs to be as flat as possible.

    •  You can either scan into a computer (PDF,  JPEG or PNG format) OR take a photo from directly above the image.

  2. Look for the most legible sample as possible  

  3. Have options.  When all else fails, just send me 3 or 4 samples and I am happy to let you know which one will work best!!

  4. Tell me something about this person

    • It may sound silly, but I always ask customers to tell me something about the person who’s handwriting I am carving.

    • I print out this description and tape it to my desk as I am working so that I can keep the memory or emotion in my head while carving.

    • May sound odd, but I do believe these thoughts are put into my carvings to make the piece extra special and to honor those it represents.




Terms and conditions:

Template fees are non-refundable and once I receive approval on the template, the carvings are then non-refundable. Only because I cannot sell your photo, handwriting or drawing to anyone else.  This is one of a kind artwork that is made just for you! 

        This process can take up to several weeks and you will get updates along the way.  Please don't hesitate to ask any questions and know that your design will be made with love and honor for those it represents!

     Thank you for asking me about making this special design!

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