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How to take a picture for a photo coin

Here are some tips for choosing a picture to make into a coin.  Please take your time picking the perfect picture! There is a $10 non-refundable fee to turn the picture into a carve-able design.  I will always send the design to you for final approval before carving.  I am happy to make adjustments, but if you choose NOT to have the design carved at all, your payment will be refunded minus the $10 fee for the time it takes to make the template.   Let’s pick out a picture of your loved one and make it into a hand carved piece of art that will hold their memory forever!


1) Be at the subject’s level so the camera angle is straight.  What doesn’t work??  Taking a picture of your little dog from directly above him,


2) Choose a clear face or profile.  Think "Mug Shots".  Make sure the face is clearly toward the camera or looking at a 90 degree angle. Features will look distorted if the camera is on an angle.


3)  Have a contrasting background.  So.... White dog needs a black background, black dog needs a white background....  black and white dog? Use a blue background or anything that doesn’t blend in with the colors of the subject.


4)  Have options.  When all else fails, just send me 3 or 4 pictures and I am happy to let you know which one will work best!!

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