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Cross design and 2 letters (usually someone's initials) are cut out of a coin of your choice. Each coin is hand carved, then set inside a pendant bezel or a hole & loop are added directly into the coin (your choice). This design is based on a Celtic cross.


For an added personal touch, use a coin that was made the same year as a special memory, anniversary, birth, or passing.


Keep the charm by itself or add a key chain, necklace, or bracelet to show off your Hand Carved Coin! Want to make this design into something different like a money clip or wine stopper? Check out some of the Coin Creation options and contact Roxann, the Coin Lady, for custom projects!


*DETAILED DESIGN:  This designs has small details that will not be able to be carved into pennies, nickels or dimes.  Please contact me if you would like me to create a similar design that can be carved into the smaller coins.


*State coins were only made one year per state, so please only request a year OR a state, not both. Contact me for rare, foreign, or silver coin prices and availibility.

Cross #6 with Initials


    I do not recommend wearing Carved Coins in the shower or pool.


    Coins can easily be cleaned with a piece of duct tape (to take off dirt) or a polishing cloth (to alter natural tarnishing).

    Do NOT removed bezel rings for cleaning.

    Do NOT clean Carved Coins with other cleaning products.

  • Some coins may not be available right away.   Pennies, Dimes & Quarters are usually in stock in every year from 1965-Present (Starting 30-60 days after minting).  However, other denominations may not be in stock right away.  If the year you requested  is not in stock, I will contact you immediately with the estimated time frame to get the coin, usually 1 week or less.

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