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Design is cut out of a "Gold" Presidential Dollar. Each coin is hand carved then set inside a pendant bezel.  Upgrade to a gold plated pendant bezel for a matching design or keep the silver color bezel for a two tone look that will go great with any chain.  Keep the charm by itself or add a key chain, necklace or bracelet to show off your Hand Carved Coin!  (More necklaces are available under "Chain Options")


"Gold" Dollars are special U.S. Coins that are still in circulation! 

The Sacagawea Dollar was first minted in 2000, but did not circulate until 2002 - 2008 and again in 2012,  Later, the "Gold" Dollar was changed from the Sacagawea design to the Presidential design (with Lady Liberty on one side).  These coins were minted in 2007-2011 for circulation and 2012-2016 they were only minted for collectors and not intended for circulation. 


These coins are RANDOM years only.  The Presidential Design has the year on the edge of the coin, which is hidded by the pendant bezel any ways.  

Lady Liberty (Presidential Dollar)

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