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Hand Carved  Quarter Jigsaw Puzzle! Each coin is carved by hand with a 6-inch jewelers saw into a 9  piece puzzle. Perfect for any coin collector!


Coin Puzzle will be shipped in an airtight holder and taped closed for shipping. If you choose to open the case, I recommend opening it slowly! These are very tiny pieces and each jigsaw puzzle is unique, so if a piece is lost it can't be replaced.


Price includes NON silver coin, your choice of year (1965-Present). Or choose a state or park quarter.  *Each State quarter was only made one year, you cannot pick the year AND the state*


Please Note: Because each coin takes several hours to carve, it will take a minimum of 5 business days to make and ship. please allow for extra time when ordering more than 1 puzzle. Custom years may take additional time to acquire, but I will contact you if the year requested is not easily available. Thanks for checking out my hand carved coin puzzles! Feel free to contact me with any questions or special requests!

Please contact me for price on silver coin.

Quarter Puzzle Round (9 pieces)

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