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Sobriety design (usually represented by a triangle and a circle) is cut out of a coin of your choice. Each coin is hand carved and then set inside a pendant bezel. Keep the charm by itself or add a key chain, necklace, or bracelet to show off your Hand Carved Coin!

Celebrate Sobriety with a coin from the year someone became sober, or maybe a coin from this year to recognize another year of Sobriety!

State coins were only made one year per state, so please only request a year OR a state, not both. Contact me for rare, foreign or silver coin prices.Please note: some coins may not be available right away. Quarters are usually in stock in every year, but other denominations may not be in stock. If the coin you order is not in stock, I will contact you immediately with the estimated time frame to get the coin. usually 1 week or less. (More necklaces are available under "Chain Options")


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