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20% off!


All PAW PRINT designs are on sale until 09-15-2021


Well, it’s a good thing I don’t need my feet to carve!

     For those of you that have seen me at events this year, you likely saw my right foot in a cast.  Back in December I had 7 screws and a plate put into my right foot and have had complications following the surgery, including fracturing my foot not once, but twice! 

     And now I have gone and done it again!  During the Milford Memories show I had a step stool break underneath me.  My right foot was protected by the cast, so the impact was focused on my left foot, causing a fracture in my left ankle.  I suppose if I am going to break one foot…. I may as well break them both!

     So in honor of my poor little paws, I have decided to create a sale on all Paw Print designs! Lets celebrate the paws in our lives….. even our own! 😊

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